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Our World Will Never Be The Same

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This video is NOT blurry, In fact, it's crystal clear. If it appears blurry to you there are several reasons for that, including the state of the current YouTube feed, the way your particular browser processes Shockwave Flash data, your browser's Internet settings, the current state of the Google servers and, last but not least, the ongoing and deliberate tampering of my cyber spaces and intellectual property by dastardly forces determined to maintain this planet's "darkness rules" status quo. Thank you for your patience.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Science Fiction for Thinkers Channel

Author's Note 2-1-14: In June 2013 I redesigned the center portion of this page with a main channel image, a default video of my choosing and then I added playlists over the next several months. This is as much of me as I can put into the Science Fiction for Thinkers Channel at YouTube, using the "One Channel Design" template. Thanks for visiting.